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Richmond Homes - Pattern of Abuse of Buyers

Updated: May 22, 2020

A little bit of break to discuss local builder Richmond Homes. My wife and I purchased a new Richmond Home in October 2018. This builder has still not completed the warranty items. Excuse after excuse as to why it has not been done.

I continue to post my opinion, based on my experience with this builder, on social media including Facebook. Today (5/21/20) a representative reached out and stated that they (Richmond Homes) will remove any post that they deem to be "disruptive." Of course, any negative comment is deemed disruptive by Richmond Homes. They don't want potential buyers to know that Richmond Homes sucks and they will not honor their promises, the contract, or honor warranty items.

Richmond Homes is a private corporation. I do not believe that I have a 1st Amendment Right to have my views expressed on their website. However, I will continue to post and they can continue to remove the posts if they find the post "disruptive."

But Richmond Homes cannot remove it from my pages -

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. -- Buying a home can sometimes be a dirty business. An Arapahoe County couple thought they would be celebrating the purchase of their new home, but instead, they're taking on the home-builder. And now, they say, after being vocal about the issues, the home-builder is retaliating by blocking their property with truck loads of fresh dirt. "I’m very shocked. Very disappointed," said Tanja Mitchell. Tanja and Tim Mitchell came to Colorado to start a new life, but said buying their dream home has been anything but. "This is just silliness. They’re just doing this to make a point. They’re being spiteful," Tim said. Since last week, trucks have dumped tons of dirt in the Mitchell’s back yard, driving a quarter-of-a-mile from another construction site several times a day, the Mitchell’s said. They said the builder is doing this out of spite. "They do probably 10 or 15 loads a day," Tanja said. Back in October, the couple moved to Colorado from Kentucky. They bought a new Richmond American home in Arapahoe County’s Copperleaf development. Prior to buying the home, they had it inspected. They closed on the house. After moving in, he said they discovered a new crack in the patio. They were told the crack would not be covered. "We've been here less than four months, and somehow the owner is supposed to maintain the concrete for a crack in it," Tim said. After corresponding with Richmond American for several days and getting no response, Tim said he put up a sign on his patio saying, "Before you look or buy here, come talk to us.” Two days later, the dirt arrived to block the sign. Tim moved the sign, and the dirt piles moved as well. Mitchell said the dirt piles will not keep him quiet. The Richmond sales office said they would not comment. The corporate office said the same thing. The truck drivers say they were told to drop the dirt on the property, and if there were any questions, to "call Richmond Homes," the couple said. Meanwhile, the Mitchells said they just want their old view back, and for the builder to do the right thing. "I'm not a rocket scientist, but that’s a lot of dirt. Probably several grand worth of dirt, and effort to put it in there," said Tim. "They could have put that money into just fixing the problem." Contact7 has made several calls to Richmond American homes, but we have yet to hear from them.

Yes, Richmond Homes moved a large pile of dirt next to one of their customers who had the gall to complain about Richmond Homes' shoddy construction.

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. — Homeowners in the Copperleaf neighborhood in Arapahoe County are frustrated and angry. They say they were promised quality homes, but less than three years later, they are dealing with repairs that will cost thousands of dollars. In July of 2017, B.J. Joyce bought his new family home from Richmond American Homes in the Copperleaf development. He says he had it inspected, and everything was great, but over time he's discovered the floor in his garage is sinking. He pointed at cracks where the flooring of the garage is separating from the home. "The estimates are $8,000-$13,000 for other people to get their garage floors fixed," Joyce said. He says his warranty was only good for a year, and now Richmond American Homes is telling him they can't help. Joyce and more than five neighbors gathered in his garage, where they shared a series of serious problems plaguing their homes. Angela McGregor says her foundation shifts depending on the weather. She said the company had made some repairs, but she feels like she's been mostly served "lip service." "They forced us out of warranty by sending people over, promising things and not delivering them," McGregor said. Many homeowners say they've dealt with multiple warranty associates. Travis Isaac lives a few doors down from Joyce and McGregor. He showed Denver7 pictures of the unlevel work in his home. "It's definitely frustrating. You go to the model homes, and they look spectacular. You think it's on point. This is the house of my dream, and you definitely get let down," Isaac said. Residents say it's simple — they want Richmond American Homes to take responsibility for their work and make the necessary repairs. Denver7 has repeatedly reached out to the homebuilding company, but have yet to hear back. Earlier this month, Contact7 got results for a homeowner in the neighborhood who was having trouble getting the home building company to make repairs.

Yes, Richmond Homes' construction and warranty work in the Copperleaf Development, in unincorporated Arapahoe County, was so bad that a local news station had to get involved to assist the victimized homeowners.

ERIE, Colo. -- A Longmont couple, who put nearly $13,000 in earnest money down on a new house, only to learn afterwards that a fracking site was being set up across the street from their subdivision, says the home builder had a moral obligation to tell them before they signed on the dotted line. "This was our dream home," Brent Heesemann said. "We were looking for a home we could grow into. We have an 11-month-old daughter, a couple dogs." The young father told Contact7 that they chose a site on Flora View Drive near Weld County Road 10 because the lot faced the Flatirons. "If we could go into the kitchen and see what the views would have been like from the back porch, you can see why we chose it," he said. The couple was ready to shell out big bucks for their new home. "The base price was $490,000," Heesemann said. "With upgrades, we were going to pay close to $700,000." Dream goes sour Now, the couple's dream is turning into a nightmare. After returning from vacation in September, they drove out to the build site to see how things were progressing. That's when they noticed a large fracking sound barrier had been set up across CR 10, about 1,000 feet from their home, which was under construction. That raised a red flag. Heesemann said he doesn't want his young daughter to be exposed to any chemicals or fumes coming from the future drill site. "We were within a radius that some studies and research suggest is too close for vulnerable populations," he said. Heesemann said he contacted the sales agent and was told they didn't know anything about the planned drilling. "I felt betrayed and lied to," he said. "It seemed implausible to me that they didn't have knowledge of it and like I said, I've come to find out that they likely did." Heesemann said he did some research on his own and learned that the site was assessed for drilling back in February. The local government siting permit was filed on March 3, before the Heesemanns signed their contract. Heesemann also learned the drilling site was originally supposed to be set up farther away. He said when the town of Erie imposed a moratorium on drilling, the oil company decided to set up the drilling operation just outside the town limits, in unincorporated Weld County. That site is much closer to the Heesemann's subdivision. "It certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth — as it would for a lot of people," he said. "Were there any laws broken? Probably not, but it's shady business practice." Contact7 reached out to the home builder to ask if they had an "obligation" to notify Heesemann about the drilling, and whether the family can get it's earnest money back. The company did not reply. In an addendum to the purchase agreement, dated March 24, Richmond American Homes said, "the buyer is encouraged to seek additional information regarding oil and gas activity on or adjacent to this property, including drilling permit applications." Heesemann shared some of the correspondence he's had with Richmond American. He told a company representative that his desire to back out of the contract is based solely on the well-documented health concernsassociated with oil and gas development in close proximity to residential properties. He also told her that Richmond knew of this well site prior to the family's signing of the contract. He said it was similar to an issue in Longmont, where customers purchased homes without Richmond or Meritage notifying buyers that a gravel pit was going in next door. The company rep replied that this was different than what was happening in Longmont and that Richmond American wouldn't be making any adjustments "because all the guidelines the company would have had to follow have been followed." Mr. Heesemann said he reached out to Contact7 so other home buyers will do their research and know who they're signing a contract with. "Check their online reviews," he said. "Their business model is to slap up these homes as quickly as they can, and tell home buyers as little as possible, in order to get them to sign on the dotted line and make a sale."

Yes, Richmond Homes hid details of a large oil fracking operation that was planned next to one of their communities.

Buyers Run from this Builder!

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