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Caste Rock Diner's Lawsuit Against the State of Colorado

Mother's Day, May 10, 2020, a small privately owned restaurant in Castle Rock, Colorado, opened its doors and allowed indoor seating to approximately 500 patrons in violation of the State of Colorado, emergency stay home orders during the COVID 19 crisis. The opening of the restaurant made national news and provoked debate on social media. Some "friends" on Facebook actually wished that the owner of the restaurant and the patrons would get the virus and die - this is the state of debate in Colorado. People actually wishing the death of others based on violating the state lockdown orders.

C&C Breakfast and Korean Kitchen had shut its doors and complied with the various orders in the State of Colorado regarding the food service industry. However, after being closed for several weeks, the owners have stated that the closure was going to destroy the family financially. Additionally, the owners felt that they needed to make a stand and challenge the government's authority to close their doors.

Cookies and Crema Lawsuit
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